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Magnify Maha PowerEx MH-C801D 1-Hour Eight Cell AA/AAA Battery Charger  None  UK Powercord
Maha PowerEx MH-C801D 1-Hour Eight Cell AA/AAA Battery Charger  None  UK Powercord
Maha PowerEx MH-C801D 1-Hour Eight Cell AA/AAA Battery Charger None UK Powercord
Maha PowerEx
Advanced 8 Cell 1-hour charger for AA/AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries w/ full LCD display. Individual microprocessor controlled charging insures just the right charge every time. "The Maha MH-C801D is a modern-designed charging masterpiece." Click here to read the complete review. "Soft Charging mode is very gentle, tops-off well." Click here to read complete review. 8 Independent Charging Circuits The MH-C801D battery charger features EIGHT independent circuits that charge ONE to EIGHT AA or AAA batteries in any combination. LCD Display The MH-C801D incorporates a large LCD screen displaying the charging status of each battery. The English-language-based display (CHARGE, DONE, CONDITIONING, etc) replaces traditional LED indicators. Selectable Soft and Rapid Charge Modes The MH-C801D charger provides user with the option to choose between a soft charge and a fast charge mode. The soft charge delivers the highest battery life and allows 100% compatibility with older, lower capacity batteries. The fast charge allows eight batteries to be fully charged to their maximum capacity in around one hour! Built-in Deep Battery Conditioning System The Eight Cell charger is embedded with a high-rate battery conditioner that will charge, deep-discharge and recharge batteries automatically for maximum rejuvenation. Precision Microprocessor Controlled Maha Energy's team of engineers developed a brand new Eight Cell (0.001V resolution) microprocessor. This microprocessor will charge batteries to their maximum capacity without overcharging or undercharging. The new precision microprocessor assures maximum battery longevity. The MH-C801D delivers just the right charge every time! Ultra Fast Recharge Time Recharge in 1 hour regardless of number of batteries in normal mode. In Soft Charging Mode, recharges in two hours. Heavy Duty International AC Adapter The MH-C801D intelligent system will charge batteries anywhere around the world with a heavy duty switching AC Power Supply. This 100-240V, 50/60Hz universal adapter employs a rugged DIN connector for reliable contact. The MH-C801D is perfect for home, office or travel! (Plug adapters are required for foreign use.) Specifications: Supported Batteries: One to Eight AA, AAA NiMH / NiCD Rapid Charge Current: 2000mA (AA), 700mA (AAA) Charge Time: 1 Hour (Normal), 2 Hour (Soft Charging) Power Supply: Worldwide Switching AC Adapter 100-240V 50/60Hz with removable cord Includes: Maha PowerEx MH-C801D Battery Charger International AC Adapter with US Power Cord MH-BH8AA Eight Cell Battery Holder MH-C801D User Manual Maha PowerEx 3-Year Limited Warranty
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