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5 CR2032 Lithium Button Cells

  • 5 CR2032 Lithium Button Cells
    5 CR2032 Lithium Button Cells
    CR2032 Lithium Button Cells (Non-rechargeable)

    CR Lithium button cell, 3V nominal voltage, adopts Japan-imported high-tech steel and well-selected materials to produce in order to make sure that each piece of cell has the following advantages: smooth discharge curve, high capacity, long storage time, be applicable to wide-range temperature and excellent leakage resistance.

    Watch, computer, calculator, IC cards, electric key and other electric products

    Do not recharge, incinerate or disassemble.
    Fire and burn hazard.

    1 year quality guarantee


    Model CR2032
    Chemistry Lithium
    Voltage 3V
    Capacity 210 mAh
    Weight 3g
    Diameter (mm) 20
    Height (mm) 3.2
    Continuous Standard Current (mA) 0.2
    Continuous Max Current (mA) 0.4
    High Drain Pulse Current (mA) 15

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