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Magnify Power Dome 150watt/300watt Surge With UPS
Power Dome 150watt/300watt Surge With UPS
Power Dome 150watt/300watt Surge With UPS
Mobile Accessories

Features and Benefits

  • Power Dome is a multi-purpose emergency power supply with Uninterrupted Power Source.
  • It can be used as a power source for 110 volt, 12 volt, or electrical appliances such as computer,TV, fax machine, audio system, fan, electrical tools etc.
  • It can also start your car engine directly in an emergency situation.
  • UPS allows a continual and constant power supply even when the unit is not fully charged.

9818 9818

Functions: - Uninterrupted Power Supply
- DC and AC Power Supply
- 150 watt Inverter built-in
- Engine Starter (600CCA)
- Worklight & Flash-warning light built in
- LED battery Status Indicator
Able to power:

- Fan: 2.5hr
- Cellphone: 14hrs
- Laptop(45w): 4-5hr
- Boom box: 8hr
- Fax machine: 10hr standby
- Camcorder: 22hr
- Fluorescent work light: 16hr
- Emergency & warning light: 60+hr

Built-in Battery: High grade Sealed Lead Acid
(Maintenance Free)
Output: 12V DC, 600 cold cranking amps
UPS output: 150watt
Input Charging Source: DC or AC w/included cables
Fuse Type: 10 Amps
Charging Time: AC - 14hours
DC - 7hours
Light source: Fluorescent tube, incandescent bulb
Safety Features: Overload Protection
Short Circuit Protection
UL Listed
Accessories included: AC adapter
DC adapter
Jumper Cables, Side storage
Dimensions (inches): 12x9.5x4.1
Weight: 17.6lbs
Note: Recommended to fully charge before initial use, after each use and every 6 months.

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Search Results 1 to 1 of 1