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Magnify LED Lenser X7R Flashlight (Rechargeable)
LED Lenser X7R Flashlight (Rechargeable)
LED Lenser X7R Flashlight (Rechargeable)
LED Flashlights
LED Lenser
The X7R light features X-Lens Technology, focusing two LEDs into one powerful 500-lumen beam. In addition, the X7R uses the Floating Charge System for simple recharging at home or on-the-go. With the unique USB connection option the user can charge off a laptop while traveling, or with no battery-memory worries, the light can be hung in the magnetic cradle until it's needed. No messy wires, or separate battery removal and replacing. This light also features locking Advanced Focus System technology for a seamless projection of light up close or far away with just a push on the base of the bezel. The bezel locks to keep focus position in place when removing or placing into a holster. Functions: On/Off, Advanced SLT (8 functions for brightness control, strobe & more)Additional Features: High End Power LED, Advanced Focus System, Rapid Focus, Floating Charge SystemLumens: 500 / 70 (max/min)Beam Distance: 320m / 120mBattery Life: 1.5hr / 7.5hrWater Resistance: IPX4 (splash resistant)Battery: 1 x ICR18650 (Li-Ion, rechargeable)Recharging Time: 6.5hrLength: 7 in / 17.8 cmWeight: 8.5 oz / 241 g
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